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Attaining Financial Wellness

Spring into Financial Fitness

Tuesday evenings / October 5th - December 7th 6:00-7:30 pm: Remote - Online (for your convenience & safety)

Learn the necessary steps to put yourself on the path towards a successful and secure financial future. This course will be a fun interactive 10-week program covering the basics and beyond along with must follow steps to secure your finances well into the future including Investment Basics, Life Events, Debt Management, Retirement Income Planning and more.

This course is taught by a Chartered Financial Analyst / Certified Financial Planner - Bonnie Yam, CFA, CFP, CPA

Course Details Include:

I. Financial Wellness Foundations (4 classes)

A) Financial Budgeting
B) Investment Basics
C) FICO Score and Debt Management
D) Net Worth and Retirement Gap Income

II. Life Events (3 classes)

A) Buying or Renting a House
B) Buying or Leasing a Car
C) College Financing

III. Retirement Income Planning (3 classes)

A) Retirement Income Planning
B) Social Security

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To register by phone, call 914-606-6830, press 1 (Class # 21766 / tuition $ 195.00)
To register in person, go to Room 207 in the Administration Building
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Financial Wellness Books


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Pension Maxima's Financial Wellness Program

Topics: Financial Budgeting, Student Debt, Credit & Debt, FICO Score, Net Worth, Retirement Income Gap, Medicare, Social Security, Retirement Income Planning, Buying a House, Leasing a Car, College Saving

Other Content: Budgeting Games, Life Games, Trivia, Interactive Stories



She is always looking out for my interest.   I’ve been using Bonnie and her investment services for about 7 years now, and I am excited to say that my results have been everything that she’s promised.  Bonnie is so smart and knowledgeable when it comes to all types of investments whether it's for retirement planning, 401k or just personal finances, but most importantly I have complete confidence and trust in her and I know she is always looking out for my best interest.   


S. Decker - Owner, Eye Designs of Westchester

She is quick to respond  and I really trust her. I really enjoy working with Bonnie.  She is quick to respond and very knowledgeable.  Our employees really enjoy working with her.


G. Lin - General Manager, Market Pioneer International

Bonnie is very responsive, knowledgeable and always has the best of interest for our employees at heart.  I really trust her.


K. Iorio - Human Resources Manager,Trident Computer Services

Great work Ethic and very Cost Effective Bonnie is an outstanding individual whose dedication, genuineness and work ethics are exemplified with everything she does.  She is very prompt in her responses and always finds the most cost-effective solutions for any issues encountered.


P. C. Kim - Deputy General Manager, May Bank