Question 1

What do you
prioritize when you
really want to get
serious with your finances?

Question 2

When should
you start saving?

Question 3

You have a windfall
of $5,000.
What's the smartest
way to use
that money?

Question 4

You want to buy a
new 50 inch TV.
How are you going
to finance it?

Question 5

You are a college
graduate with
debt. How do
you cut down on
your expenses?

Question 6

With a year of college
left, you have $9,000
in loans, $11,000 in
savings and $10,000
in projected expenses.
You expect to get a
job that pays $5,000.
What do you do with
that money?

Question 7

You have $7,500 in
credit card debt from
three different cards
that all charge over
20% interest rates.
What should you do?

Question 8

How do you build a
good credit score?

Question 9

I have a lot of
credit card debt.
What should I do?

Question 10

You are getting
married. How do
you plan to
manage your

Question 11

You are expecting
a new baby. How
do you plan to
meet the new

Question 12

How do you choose
a car to buy?

Question 13

You are looking
to buy a house.

Question 14

You got accepted
to Harvard, MIT &
SUNY Stonybrook.
Where do you go?

Question 15

Your kid is going
to a private
college. How are
you going to
finance him?

Question 16

How do you
save up
for college?

Question 17

How much should
you put away in
your 401(k)?

Question 18

How do you
maximize your

Question 19

You have some extra
money. Where
should you put it?

Question 20

You are semi-retired
but still working.
How should you
invest your money?

Question 21

What are you going
to do with your
home when you

Question 22

You are about
to retire. When
should you start
claiming your
Social Security?

Question 23

You are divorced,
unmarried and about
to retire. How do
you fund your

Question 24

As you hit 72
years, how do you
start withdrawing
your RMD?

Question 25

Your mom is 80
and needs to be
taken care of.
What do you do?

Question 26

What do you
do when you
loose your job
and won't be able
to find one soon?

Question 27

You are turning 55.
Should you buy
Long Term Care

Question 28

What do you do
when you loose
your job but are reasonably healthy?

Question 29

You have saved
are not married
and have no kids.
What should you do?

Question 30

You are about to
inherit $500,000
How should you
invest the money?